Tom Wittlin; digital designer and creator

Designer and creator

Not like in a biblical sense or anything, obviously.
I mean, I'd like to think, now in my thirteenth year of designing I've become adept at making things look beautiful and occasionally refined, but I'm some way from miracles.

The Flight is the name I gave to my work. I think it's the escapism of it.

Flying for me was - and still is - intrinsically linked to discovery. As a child we flew back and forth to Switzerland a lot to visit my Swiss father's family. Though it was the same place we went each time, it always felt new. Adventures didn't begin when we touched down, they began at the airport.

The fragrances, the watches, duty free, the smell of european coffee and aviation fuel. We could go anywhere.

Today the things I imagine that are at the other end of a flight are breathtaking. Islands in the middle of oceans, golden sunsets, strange forests, deserted beaches, old ruins. Like something from an illustrated boys adventure annual from 1975. Set to a soundtrack written only by John Barry.

I produce websites, campaigns and films, for fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands - or anyone sharing an appreciation for aesthetic and fine detail.

My journey has seen me travel alongside Amanda Wakeley, Hermes, Hackett, Jo Malone, Dunhill, E.Tautz, Gieves & Hawkes and Wedgwood.